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Bulk Buy D-mannose - The Natural Sugar Which Promotes a Healthy Urinary Tract System

If you’re looking to purchase D-mannose in bulk then you have arrived at the right place. This natural sugar is popular among sufferers of the E. coli bug – the most common cause of bladder infections. It acts swiftly to eliminate the bacteria without causing side effects or weakening the immune system like many synthetic treatments. We supply D-mannose in the form of powder and tablets. One of the many advantages of bulk purchasing D-mannose for regular sufferers of Urinary Tract Infections is that a ready supply will be available as soon as symptoms arise. Ordering in larger quantities is also a more cost effective policy.

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Many of our customers have commented on the speed at which D-mannose gets to work in eradicating a bladder infection. Pain can subside rather substantially within a short period of time after taking D-mannose which is due to a simple yet highly effective process. When this sugar is consumed it enters the bladder and attaches itself to the E. coli within the Urinary Tract, the bacteria along with the sugar itself is then eradicated naturally through urination.

Another name for a Urinary Tract Infection is Cystitis which is most common among women. Antibiotics are often used as treatment but natural alternatives like D-mannose are becomingly increasingly sought after. You can take D-mannose before or during a course of Antibiotics. It is therefore particularly convenient for regular sufferers to buy D-mannose in bulk as this natural sugar will provide quick, effective pain relief whilst you wait to pick up your prescription.